Research and study the popular teams


You can’t jump into betting on ice hockey right away. You first need to make sure that you know the teams, the players, and their tactics. Every team is going to look the same from an outsider standpoint, so you have to make sure that you are doing strong and detailed research so that you pick the right team.


Check past wins and losses


When you have a team that you are going to bet on whether its through a traditional bookie or a site like Faezr o download da 1xbet para iphone, you have to check to see how many times they have won a game versus how many times they have lost a game. You can easily do this by going to a fan page dedicated to hockey games or that specific team that you chose. If you feel weird about trusting a fan page to tell you the statistics, you can go to the hockey team’s site and they should have all of their games listed for you.


Make sure the two teams haven’t played against each other before


When you find the team that you are betting for, you want to make sure that they haven’t played the other team before. If they have, you have more research to do. Not that you shouldn’t look up the other team regardless, but if they have a history, you need to be aware of everything that happened before you can place a solid bet.


Come up with a game plan if they have played against each other before


You want to find out who won the previous game. If your team won, you want to watch the other team play a game or two before you make your bet. They might have learned a few moves and will now be ready and prepared to beat your team. However, if the other team won the previous game, then your team should be ready for that surprise come back and you shouldn’t have to worry about anything when it comes time for the game to take place.


Ask dedicated fans which team they think is going to win


Without mentioning that you plan on putting money on the game, ask around to see who the crowd thinks is going to win. The crowd will have a lot of knowledge because they are dedicated fans. This makes them the most reliable source when placing bets.


Always start with a small amount of money


If it is your first time betting on any sport, or even if it isn’t, you want to make sure that you are starting with something small. The last thing you want is to place all your money on a team you know nothing about.